Carrasco$ 800Zona América$ 1.050
Punta Gorda$ 1.000Pando$ 1.500
Malvín$ 1.060Piriápolis$ 7.150
Buceo$ 1.450Punta del este$ 9.000
Tres Cruces$ 1.550
Cordón$ 1.550
Pocitos$ 1.550
Punta Carretas$ 1.700
Parque Rodó$ 1.700
Centro$ 1.900
Prado$ 1.900
Ciudad Vieja$ 2.080

*Airport taxes are included ($ 85,88) 

Ask for other destinations. Rates are expressed in Pesos Uruguayos. All rates represent the approximate cost depending on destination or origin (from or to the airport) and are published as a reference for the customer, so as to have an idea of the estimate cost of the trip. The exact price will be determined by the amount of pulses indicated by the taximeter in each case. The customer may ask the driver to display the list of prices corresponding to the pulses of the taximeter.


With the transfer you can go to this destinations:
  • Montevideo $ 400 per passanger.
  • Punta del Este U$S 45 per passenger (Ask for availability and other destinations).

    Travel safe with Carrasco's International Airport official taxis.